I'm Andrew.

I am a polymath and autodidact with very broad-ranging interests. I find that there is interesting detail almost anywhere you care to look, and that breadth of experience is greatly rewarded in the joy of exploration, and ultimately in an enriched perspective.

I believe in love, humanism, social mutualism, and optimism.

I think that our species is capable of a more equitable system of resource and boring labour distribution, leaving us all largely free to pursue the interesting stuff: learning, playing and creating.

I think that ideological polarization and the resulting empathy gap is one of the most insidious challenges of our time.

I'm not sure where the line between learning and making is a lot of the time and the shape of the boundary fascinates me.

I have variously worn the professional hats of software developer, web designer, starry-eyed tech entrepreneur, language editor, EMT, device rebooter and sympathetic ear to the technologically illiterate, teacher, and cowork space creator and administrator.

I speak fantastic English, reasonable Afrikaans, basic Spanish, terrible French, and decreasingly terrible German. Next up is Zulu or Xhosa.

I help run Better, a creative hub and cowork space in Johannesburg.

I am working on unannounced writing and coding projects.

I provide language editing services, primarily for academics.

I provide premium, human-friendly household technical support in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg on a retainer basis.